Tanning Tips

We don’t want tanning mishaps messing up your cleavage 


You’ve watched our how to apply video and read our instructions, so you know that skin has to be completely clean and dry before application. This includes fake tan (old or new) however, we have some tips for you to follow so that you can look like a bronzed goddess without sacrificing your perky cleavage!

Tanning Tips

  • Apply bronzer and tanning products after your breast lift tape is secure and well adhered to the skin – don’t rush putting on the tape and then slapping on the tan. (we know your makeup is on fleek and took up most of your time but the application process has to be done carefully)
  • We recommend applying tan to the centre of the chest and then carefully blending towards the tape. Avoid the tape edges and fabric
  • Avoid spray tans. In fact, they are a complete no-no before or just after you have applied your tape, do not spray tan over the tape. This may sound obvious but not everyone knows this.
  • Spray tans and fake tan are usually oil-based, this oil can strip the adhesive of the tape, making the tape come undone. This is why we recommend using oil and oil-based products to REMOVE the tape because it works so well to remove the tape from the skin!
  • If you really need a spray tan, do this a day or two before, wash it off and then follow step one on our How To Apply page to make sure that the area you are applying the tape to is clean and free from any product (after all, the tape will be covering this area).