Skin Safety

Skin Safety Information

We want to outline all risks and tips to ensure a good experience when wearing adhesive products on the skin and lesson chance of injury! We also provide an A5 leaflet with every product this will be inside the packs with the pears with our Original style tape and in the parcel bag with our box tape products, please read this before using, our pear tape backing paper also has this prompt <3


WEAR TIME RECOMMENDATIONS Our recommendation for safe use is to build wear time gradually with each use. Our tape once applied will stay on until physically removed so if you have never worn Perky Pear tape before we recommend first wear time of around 3-4 hours to introduce the tape to the skin. Wearing to a full day event if you have never worn Perky Pear adhesive tape before can increase chances of injury/ skin irritation as the skin is more likely to over heat and become irritated by a new cosmetic substance on the skin. If you know you need them for a full day event please get used to the tape before hand. If you have worn our tape before with no reaction we recommend a safe wear time of 6-8 hours- Regular users can wear for longer but you know your own skin sensitivity. Experienced users can still experience skin overheating so please read all information below.

ADHESIVE, HEAT & BODY TEMPERATURE Our tape contains a hypoallergenic, medical grade heat activated adhesive which gently bonds to the skin as your body temperature rises. This is why our tape is so amazing at staying put! There is a chance of water blisters occurring in environments where your body temperature is rising. Our tape is sweat proof meaning sweat can evaporate, however if your skin gets too hot even more sweat is produced and can’t escape fast enough due to tape sitting on the skin this then can result in a water blister raising. This blister can tear open upon removing the tape.

SUNBURN & SUNBATHING Users MUST NOT sunbathe in the tape under any circumstance or sit out in the sun wearing the tape during hot weather as this may increase the chances of the skin becoming too hot. If choosing to swim in the tape please ensure you are not exposing your skin to hot direct sun.

PLEASE AVOID APPLYING TO SKIN WHICH IS WARM FROM SUN EXPOSURE Never apply Perky Pear Tape to sunburnt skin or skin which is sensitive and warm from being in the sun all day. This increases the chance of the adhesive bonding too tightly due to the heat reactive adhesive. Warm sensitive skin from UV exposure should take caution wearing adhesives. Please assess before use if the skin is warm to the touch or pink, please avoid.

THIN SKIN & 50 YEARS+ Ageing skin may be prone to marking more easily due to the outer skin layer (epidermis) becoming thinner and elasticity is lost so we recommend that users aged 50+ wear for a limited time of 4 hours then at first and then build wear time gradually.

Do’s & Don’ts For Application

DON’T OVER STRETCH OR STRAIN THE TAPE – ALWAYS SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THE BREAST DURING APPLICATION Our tape is super stretchy however the stretch is not for application purposes! The stretch is there so that the tape moves with you and supports the tension of the breast to prevent pinging off. When applying always support the weight of the breast with one hand whilst applying the tape with the other to secure your breast in place. Don’t let go and then stretch and pull the tape up to lift the breast. STRAINING & PULL TO THE TIP OF THE TAPE ONLY If you experience irritation & skin grazes only to the very tip of where the tape was applied, this is a sign that the tape was over stretched causing tension and pull to where the tape was anchored down. If wearing our Original tape make sure you have worn the correct size as per our size guide, wearing a size too small can also cause strain & pull. Straining & friction here will result in the skin heating up and a water blister arising on the surface of the skin like a foot bister which can then tear open when removing tape. This cannot always be avoided but our application method described above will help lessen the weight strain and the temptation to stretch the tape. You know when the tape is too stretched when the pear shape is too elongated. DO NOT POSITION INWARDS ON THE CHEST, COLLAR BONES OR NEAR THE NECK There is no need to pull the tape tape up to the shoulder or up towards the collar bone. The tape needs to sit on the fleshier part of the breast tissue. The tape should never be applied to the centre of the chest where skin is thinner and never apply near the neck. Other brands provided by Chinese companies may show tapes being applied in all sorts of ways but this is not safe practice. With our extensive knowledge and testing this causes pull as the decolletage area is much thinner. Only apply as directed and seen by our website and instructions.




Over laying too much tape may cause the skin to overheat or cause rubbing & friction resulting in blisters. This is why we recommend our DIY tape to be used by A-D cups who don’t need many strips of tape. For larger cups our Original Lift & Shape Tape is a one layered light weight design which supports without the need of layering tape!


Our tape is breathable and allows sweat and air to circulate. Overlapping the tape can cause skin to over heat and prevent sweat from escaping leading to the chances of water blisters. Apply tape next to the previously applied layer not overlapping. We never advise to apply tape over another layer of tape especially our box DIY tapes.

Remove With Care


Don’t peel off of dry skin. We sell our Cleavage elixir oil and “tape off kits” to help remove the tape. Or you can use coconut or baby oil. Apply around the edges of the tape to help dissolve the adhesive when removing to stop any pull. Oil-based is better as this will dissolve the adhesive.



Peel upwards gently taking it slowly whilst using your other hand to press down on the tape to stop any pull and help release the tape from the skin. Do not peel down and against the skin. Please follow all removal instructions which come with your tape.

Skin Allergies/ Sensitive skin


If you experience any itching, irritation, burning or discomfort, remove the tape immediately. This may indicate an allergy to acrylic.


Our tape is free from zinc oxide & latex but if you are sensitive to adhesive, acrylic, elastane or similar products such as band-aids (plasters), do not use Perky Pear® tape.




If you are prone to heat rashes or skin getting hot and red, please be extra vigilant and do a test run of only 1-2 hours.

Perky Pear tape sourced is CE approved, certified hypoallergenic and medical grade. If you are unsure of any allergies do not use the products and consult a doctor first if uncertain. If rashes occur due to allergic reactions Perky Pear Ltd cannot be held responsible and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure safe use and read all information provided before continuing with the product.

Red Marks/Bumps & Swirls:

This is normal, Skin sensitivity can differ from person to person and on rare occasions where irritation occurs, users may experience temporary redness, raised bumps which are not painful or slight skin discolouration on occasions after use and they can be in a swirly pattern because of the tapes adhesive backing in-print (the in-print is also prominent when the user is wearing fake tan as the adhesive will strip the tan). It is normal to find redness or darker marks after removing the tape this occurs as the tape stimulates blood circulation to the area making the pores appear pink or darker. This is temporary and will fade as the skin cools and when the adhesive is removed from the skin (exfoliate gently after use). Bigger busts may experience this more due to the weight of the breasts, If you start to feel any itching it may be a sign that your skin is overheating or getting hot.



Over the past 7 years we have worked with medical professionals on our risk assessments. This type of injury will temporarily mark the skin but will not usually penetrate enough skin layers to cause permanent scarring unless the tape has been miss used against our advice. Like ordinary foot blisters they can take a while to fade and during the healing process they can appear a light pink/lighter shade to your skin, especially if you had a tan at the time of the irritation but these will fade.

Often, The injury tends to occur at the very top edges / anchor points of the tape. This area tends to catch the sun more/get warmer and where you have perspired more. It is also the part of the chest where the tape has been secured down and if the tape is straining this will create the friction bubbles. The marks if occur are similar to that of a foot blister and will sometimes follow the shape of the tape outline, please take care of your skin if this happens. We ask that our customers take extra care when wearing our tape during the summer and follow our wear time guide and application advice to help avoid friction, strain and overheating which can all lead to friction marks/ blisters.


Whilst the above occurs only in a very small amount of users, we take care to provide Skin Safety information on our website and included in every pack of our tape. You can find this information easily on our main website menu, on the product packaging at the back and a specially created enclosed safety leaflet which is a small version of this page and links here for full information. We also include a disclaimer on our product listings underneath the product description for full transparency on any risks involved when using adhesives on the skin. We ask you to read this before using our tape products. Adhesive tapes are very sticky and must be used with care. Especially in warm weather & users where the skin is not used to tape use. Please read all information to avoid skin injury.

Perky Pear® Ltd cannot guarantee users completely free from injury as skin sensitivity can differ between users. Though extremely rare the tape sourced by Perky Pear® Ltd from a credible global manufacturer is not completely exempt from causing blistering and marks. A small percentage of users may experience blisters. Information is provided to help avoid this as skin irritation occurs not due to the products but due to certain circumstances during wear of adhesive tapes.




Perky Pear Ltd will not provide any products to our users until the terms and conditions are accepted and acknowledged, our terms include this skin safety information page which forms the whole of our safety disclaimer. This safety disclaimer is transferable and applies to all sales of Perky Pear products including from authorised retailers who stock the Perky Pear brand. Once accepted at the checkout the customer can then purchase our products.
5. Perky Pear asks that users do not abuse or overuse the products. It is the customer’s responsibility to read all terms and conditions and watch all how to apply and remove videos before using the tape. No products can be sold to the user unless the terms and conditions are accepted, our terms include the above safety disclaimer. Once accepted the user can then pay and receive the goods.
5a. We cannot always guarantee the user freedom from injury in all cases. This website and the information, services, products and materials contained on are provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty. PERKY PEAR® Ltd disclaims all representations and warranties, expressed or implied, as to the operation of the website and the information, services, products, and materials on this website, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Under no circumstance will PERKY PEAR® Ltd be liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this website or any goods or services obtained on this website, including direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages (even if PERKY PEAR® Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such damages), to the fullest extent permitted by law.
5b. Do not use Perky Pear® Tape if you have been diagnosed with cancer as it may interfere with treatment and disease management strategies employed by your medical professionals. Please note that the use of adhesives may cause your skin to become lighter or darker where the adhesive was in contact with your skin. Do not use on broken skin, sunburn, rashes or if you have any skin pigmentation/disorders or if you’re breastfeeding or lactating.
5c. The adhesive sourced by Perky Pear Ltd is medical grade and CE approved and used globally in the physiotherapy and athletic industries. Perky Pear Ltd sources the material from a certified approved manufacturer and does not own the material used for our trademarked design. The tape material used by Perky Pear® Ltd is CE approved and safe to the skin, sourced from a credited and certified manufacturer in the medical industry. Perky Pear Ltd does not individually own the material sourced.