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Size Guide

You may find that you aren’t the same cup size in our lifts as you are in your usual bra cups.

Our tape is based on back sizes 32-34 inches. If you have a larger back 36+ we recommend going up a cup size up.

If you have a small back below a 32 then we recommend going down a cup size, If you are a cup size H with a 30 back then our G tape should fit you. If you are a 32/34 back then stay with your usual cup size.

36+ F/G cups please note: There is a chance that our tape in size F-G will be too small as our width and sizes are based on a 32-34 back so if your back size is 36+ then you risk the chance of straining and pull to the skin or the tape straining and “Pinging Off”. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing the tape or proceed with care to avoid excess pull.

 Perky Pear Breast Lift Tape Measurements.



 Perky Pear Bandeau Size Guide


Our sizes are based on UK bra sizes. A USA size DDD is equivalent to a UK E. You can check the bra size converter for you country here:

Do not under any circumstances size down by more than one size. Always check our size guides and information.