What to wear with our lift & Shape Tape™ range

What to wear with our lift & Shape Tape™ range

Hey perky babes!

Now that it is party season we know you have parties to attend and places to be and we have a breast lift tape for any style you want to wear this Christmas!

We know that with three choices of Lift & Shape tape to choose from you might wonder which one to choose so we thought we would show you our top picks from Pretty Little thing (a Perky stockist) and what tape is best to wear with each style!

Perky Pear Original Lift & Shape tapeperky per

Our Original Lift & Shape tape comes in four sizes, A-B, C-D, DD-E & F-G. It offers the most support due to the tape cupping the breast fully from the bottom, top and sides whilst holding from the top of the breast bone! This is why it can hold larger breasts up to a G cup. The design is expertly designed to shape the breast giving a nice rounded effect but slanted on the cleavage side so it does not show in the widest of deep plunge styles! As the tape is around 2 inches wide at the top it is best to be worn with thick straps like the above images. This style comes in two colour options. You can see more about the original lift and shape tape here.

Perky Mini’s™

mini lifts breast lift tape style perky pear

Our Mini lifts are small but mighty! They come in a one size fits A-C (or small D) cups. This style of tape is super discreet so perfect for styles that are both low cut and thin strapped! The Mini lifts go more in the centre of the breast so don’t support the sides as much which is why they are not suitable for larger cups that need more support. If you’re in the A-C size bracket then this tape is perfect to slip into your bag and slay those extra revealing styles this party season! You can find out more about this style of tape here.

Perky Bandeau Tape

bandeau breast lift tape style perky pear

Our Bandeau tape looks like or Original tape but is cut on its side. This allows the stretch to work in another direction. They are shaped so that the tip of the lifts act as a wing to cup the breast whilst the fuller part of the tape cups the whole breast for a rounded effect. This style is the perfect style for bandeau styles and strapless/ thin strap styles.It comes in a one size fits A-DD again due to a weight restriction as there is less material to support heavier/ larger breasts. You can see more about this style and videos on how to apply our Bandeau tape here.

Slay any style this party season babe because we’ve got you covered!

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