Silicone Nipple cover make up applicator! YAY or NAY?

Silicone Nipple cover make up applicator! YAY or NAY?



Here at Perky Pear HQ, we’re not just passionate about getting the best cleavage with our seriously good boob tape which lifts A-G cups by five inches but we’re also passionate about seriously well blended make up!

Every girl wants perfectly blended make up and we aren’t afraid to use a few weird objects to achieve this! There has been some pretty crazy videos floating around the world wide web of people using bizarre objects to get a smooth finish that Kim K would be jealous of!

We’re talking people using silicone breast enhancers to blend in their favourite concealers and even going as far as using boiled eggs! Well they do look like beauty blenders I guess!

The classic sponge beauty blender has been a firm favourite amongst make up lovers and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon! There has been, however, some new additions to people’s make up bags recently and that’s the new silicone flat make up applicator that promises less make up absorption plus it’s easy to clean and doesn’t hold any nasty bacteria!

Well here at PP HQ we’re pretty big fans of the silicone flat blender but instead of forking out your hard earned cash we looked to our high quality Perky Pear silicone nipple covers to see if they could offer the same perfected smooth finish. It is high quality silicone after all!

So we put it to the test!

Cut away any nasty edge bits!

Squirt squirt squirt!

Blend blend blend!

Our silicone nipple covers are reusable up to 10 times but if they start losing their stickiness no worries! You got yourself a cheeky free silicone blender! We stuck the adhesive sides together (they stick with their own adhesive) and used the smooth side to blend the foundation (if that isn’t obvious)

We we’re seriously impressed with how well it worked! The large circular area gave us a lot of surface area to cover and we got A LOT out of the foundation we applied to them. No make up absorption, easy to clean, no bacteria build up and a great flawless finish! What started as a bit of a joke actually ended up being a new addition to our make up bags!

So not only do these little guys serve to protect your modesty they also give you a flawless make up finish!

So if you’re nipple covers are no longer serving your girls then make your own silicone make up blender!

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