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New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To!

New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To!

Last year was hard! So this year we believe that you should make time for anything that makes you feel good.

Whether it’s saying no to more things that don’t make you feel happy, quitting your job that makes you feel unfulfilled and just doing more of what serves you better!

So we think that resolutions that are tough to keep should be off the table in 2021! Here’s a few resolutions however that we think are easy to keep and will only make you feel good!


Feeling motivated can be hard during a pandemic and with the winter mornings making you feel like you’d rather stay wrapped up in your duvet we love the 5 second rule. Count to 5 and just get up! No thinking, no scrolling through the gram just count to 5 and when you get to 5 spring up! Stretch to wake the body up then write down 5 mantras for the day. They can be anything you want but heres a few ideas:

  • “I will do my best today even if it’s not much|”
  • “I am grateful for”….(then list 3 things)
  • “Today I am looking forward to” (and it can literally be as small as your dinner or a bath in the evening)
  • “I am proud of myself for”


The pandemic has been good for a few things. One being that certain things you used to do may have been canceled. You may have been stuck doing things that didn’t fulfil you and now is the time to ask yourself ” does this serve me” and “does this make me happy” If the answer is no then make sure that when life slowly resumes back to normal you don’t fall back into doing the things that drain your energy!


We can sometimes get stuck in the daily grind. Even during a global pandemic we have gotten into bad habits of getting used to not seeing as many people as we used to. Why not write in your diary the days and times you will set time out to sit down and connect with loved ones. I promise this will always make you feel good!

2021 is the year we feel good because we deserve it! We doing our best to uplift you and make you feel good! We will be posting uplifting content and also offering great deals on our website to literally uplift you!

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