Join the self-love club and celebrate yourself

Join the self-love club and celebrate yourself

After seeing the gorgeous VS babes killin it
on the run way this week, (see our latest blog post) it’s pretty hard not to
feel like an actual potato (just us?) but it’s time to get real: we’re talkin all things self-love today babes, sit back, hold tight and prepare for some MEGA inspo!

to studies approx. 91% of women feel unhappy with the way they look; from
stretch marks to cellulite, we all have insecurities (we’re betting even
Beyoncé does) and us girls at Perky Pear HQ know all about them, it’s one of the reasons why our boss babe
Samantha created our Perky Pear products to help feel more confident in styles so that you can look and feel good! In a world fuelled by social media, selfies and
insta likes, it’s easy to become hacked off with yourself but imagine if we stopped obsessing about our ‘flaws’ and started to actually like our bodies?

While we’re all
guilty of stalking our fave insta accounts and crushing on celebs, when it
comes to the comparison game you will never win! Standing in the mirror bitchin’ about yourself because
you don’t look like Kimmy K wont make you look like her (if only).

Challenge: next time you are looking in the mirror, why not find something you DO like about yourself – we dare you!

We’re thinkin some feel-good quotes will get you babes in the mood to ditch the negative vibes and get you started on your self-love journey.

You are beautiful girls, stretch marks, freckles, lines, big, small – whatever you are, however you look, Perky Pear loves you ♥ Be you, you are unique!