I wear Perky Pear Tape ATLEAST 5 days a week!

I wear Perky Pear Tape ATLEAST 5 days a week!

Hi Ladies, Samantha here, (founder of Perky Pear)

I thought I’d come here to say a BIG hello to you beautiful ladies and share more about my Perky story and some exciting developments for the brand.

As you know from our About us page, Perky Pear Lift & Shape Tape was founded in 2016 and we launched the products in 2017!

It’s been a crazy two years and we have helped Perk up women all around the world with our magic breast lift tape catering for cup sizes A-G.

One thing we didn’t want to do as a breast lift tape was show edited images of already perky breasts but instead use our own customers (and myself) to show the reality of gravitational pull to large and smaller boobs! We are as transparent as we can possibly be using videos shot in real time, screenshots of customer reviews and videos and never photoshopping out any lumps and bumps! Perky Pear is truly a breast lift tape company that was created to support women (literally) and that means ensuring our breast lift tape provides real results that give you the confidence to wear any style you want! I’m an E cup and these are my results!

Sarah Blakely of SPANX is always proud to share her story about how she started out in her living room and as a female entrepreneur myself I too am also incredibly proud that I started Perky Pear myself in my mums living room and 2 years later we have 3 UK offices, 2 factories and are about to Launch in the USA! That’s right USA babes, from September you can order any of our products and have them shipped from within the USA as we will be opening a Chicago based warehouse! That’s perkier shipping and service all around! This growth has come as we have teamed up with Shelly Stayer and Brooke Wagner 2 great business women in the USA who share the same vision as me, to make Perky Pear Global!!

I am passionate about our tape and I literally only own one bra now! I wear Perky Pear Lift & Shape tape at least 5 days a week to the office, on nights out and even just popping to the shops! I’m literally addicted to that no strap feeling! For me it’s either tape or no bra now (no bra when i’m in my pj’s!)

I am the number one advocate of how well our tape works and finally delivering a non surgical breast lift solution that gives women so many more wardrobe options!

I hope you love Perky Pear as much as I do!

Lots of Love,