How to look skinny AF in selfies!

How to look skinny AF in selfies!


We know what you’re thinking, “tell me more!!”
This was the latest social post by Khloe Kardashian followed by an image of the whole Kardashian Jenner clan with their weights in KG’s! Irresponsible much?

We all want to look our best in selfies but looking our best doesn’t necessarily mean looking skinny! Here at Perky HQ we know how it feels when you look amazing and get that selfie on point! We do however make it clear that all body shapes are gorgeous and looking “skinny AF” isn’t just how to look amazing and isn’t everyones preference! Size 0-20 there are always ways to look great in selfies with products, lighting and angles!

Here are some of the girls at PP HQ’s tips on looking gorgeous at any size on the gram!

1. Don’t stand under bright lighting! It highlights all kinda lumps and bumps so great lighting can make the world of difference!

2. Wear something that flatters your body then wear spanx underneath! Sarah Blakely we love you for this tummy tuck in a pack and it is our go to under super tight dresses!

3. Posture! When you stand up straight your tummy is pulled in and arms look slender!

4. Cleavage on fleek! Speaking of posture, our lift & shape tape doesn’t just involve your breasts! When your breasts are lifted with the help of our breast lift & shape tape it also pulls you tummy in and improves your posture! Our tape can give 5+ inches lift so that automatically shows more of your waist making you look instantly slimmer!

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