How To Live The Champagne Life On A Lemonade Budget!

How To Live The Champagne Life On A Lemonade Budget!

Ok, so summers fast approaching, you’ve got three holidays planned, rooftop cocktail bar plans every other weekend and your eye on a new summer wardrobe (because you need more styles to show of your amaze cleavage thanks to Perky Pear and our amazing breast lift tape range!) – sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves! But, seriously though we need dolla for plans so read ahead to find out how you can live the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget…


That fancy AF hotel with the 5 pools, club and tropical beach in Mexico looks pretty pricey and defo not in your price range…well think again! Travel agents have some pretty good deals and in most cases only require a small deposit of around £125 with the rest of your holiday being paid in monthly instalments. Book in advance and that fancy hotel or 5 star holiday of your dreams, suddenly becomes a lot more achievable even if you have to make the sacrifice and do all of your holiday clothes shopping at Primark!

Make it even cheaper?! Yah we said cheaper, after all this is what this article is about! New York in Spring? Vegas in summer? Marbella in June? Maybe we won’t go to all three BUT if you book a year in advance and do a little DIY and book flights separately (hey SKYSCANNER) and book a hotel online on sites such as BOOKING.COM some hotels require payment on the day you arrive which means apart from flights you have a whole year to save for that hotel which may only equate to only £20 a month, NYC for £20 a month ermmm, hey hun see you soon!


We’re going out on a whim here but we’re pretty sure ALL online sites have discounts on at some point each week! (Including us, FREE next day delivery with code: GETFREE) SHOP HERE BABE

This means you may well never have to really pay for a new outfit at full cost ever again. We’ve scanned some sites and came across some KICK ASS deals and discounts which are valid TODAY so grab that outfit, you’re gonna need it for all those rooftop cocktail plans! Click the links below to shop!

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So, turns out scrolling through insta on your lunch break will actually save you money! Who knew! Well another good thing about online sites is that they use bloggers and influencers to advertise and that of course comes with the perks of using their discount codes! Have a look through any of your fave bloggers insta feeds and we bet you find so many deals!


Got a sister, or a twin (like our perky founder) OR a whole load of friends with similar dress sizes? Have a clothes swapping party! We all get bored of our own clothes and all find ourselves having that last minute melt down over the fact that our wardrobes are full, but yet we have NOTHING to wear!

Get your friends round and pick out some outfits! Ta Dah, New outfits (well, new to you!) for FREE! (If you’re borrowing just make sure you take good care of them!)

CHAMPAGNE DISCOUNTS 🍾real housewives of orange county

Well as long as we’re trying to live the champagne lifestyle we might as well find ways of drinking the stuff at discounted prices!! Google your local area and find out who has “Fizz Fridays” or happy hour from 5-7, so many bars and restaurants do this so find out where you need to be to bag the bargains!🥂


Ok so this is pretty much a great way to look for getaways, food, drink and things to do at great prices. Just a quick search for cocktails and we have a list full of snazzy places in Manchester we can go for instgrammable cocktails at low prices!

So, get fancy AF , who said champagne was only for the Kardashians …