Does Bra Wearing Cause Breast Sagging?

Does Bra Wearing Cause Breast Sagging?

Perky Pear Myth BUSTing!

We’ve all heard the rumour that going braless leads to sagging. But is it true? Here at Perky Pear HQ we’re not a fan of a bra since we know the freedom of going braless with the help of our Breast Lift & Shape Tape but sometimes a bra is needed so what’s the truth behind sagging and bra wearing?

The truth: Sagging is usually related to age and genetics, not your clothes.

Here’s everything you need to know about what causes saggy boobs, what you can do to prevent it, and the role bra wearing does or doesn’t play.

So what causes breasts to sag?

Perky Pear Original Lift & Shape Tape helps support sagging breasts and helps you to love your natural breasts!

Breast sagging will happen naturally over time and it is NORMAL! We always show a huge variety of breast shapes and sizes on because we believe all breasts are beautiful even if you want yours to appear perkier every once in a while it is important to love your natural breasts even if they need a little helping hand now and again. Our mission was to create products that made you love your natural breasts and to not allow them to hold you back from wearing certain clothing.

Let’s dive into the most common causes of breast sagging. Spoiler alert: This list does not include any bra-related business.

Getting older

Yep, the passage of time can do a number on your cleavage!

First, there’s the fact that the older you get, the longer gravity has to work against you. Even those with breast implants can’t contend against natural forces!

But your body also changes as you age. The American Academy of Dermatology Association says your skin will lose about 30 percent of its collagen (the bounce factor) during the first 5 years of menopause. That’s a major loss of support for your boobs. Even with the help of our new collagen boosting Cleavage Elixir

One 2015 study also found that an increase in body fat as you get older can also lead to saggier breasts.

It’s in the Genes!

Your body’s natural breast density, skin elasticity, and boob size can all affect how your breasts look.

Every body with boobs has a different breast tissue ratio. Research shows that some folks have fatty boobs, while others have firm, fibrous melons. Heavy, pillowy boobs are more likely to sag than small, firm boobs. (Thanks, connective tissue!)

Of course, it’s not all about breast tissue. Research suggests that genetics also affect your skin’s strength and elasticity. The skin you’re in might be thinner and less supportive. Or maybe you’ve got strong that holds your peair high and tight.

Major weight fluctuations

Just went through drastic weight loss? You might notice your boobs have gotten smaller and your skin is looser.

Unfortunately, losing body fat = losing boob volume. You might go down a bra size or two. You might experience sagging or nipple migration to the south. This is all normal.

It’s also common to have some looser skin after loosing weight especially if you lose weight quickly. Wearing a supportive bra can help hold things in place, but it won’t promote or prevent true sagging.

Our Original lift & Shape Tape was the first ever breast tape on the market to shape as well as lift. Cupping the sides offering support to those with looser skin or low breast volume. We also developed our cleavage sculpting strips to offer extra aid and add extra sculpting where you need it!

Cleavage sculpting strips
Perky Pear Cleavage Sculpting Strips

How Perky Pear BreastTape can help

Although we can’t make your boobs permanently perky we can offer a temporary fix (when we say temporary our lift & shape tape lasts for a serious amount of time due to it’s skin bonding adhesive and sweat proof fibres but we recommend wearing for up to 8 hours and less if it is your first time)

Our founder Samantha created and designed Perky Pear tape when she noticed her breasts had started to sag and her wardrobe was limited due to not being able to go braless. Bye Bye backless or deep plunge styles… Not anymore! Our tape was created to give you a lift and shape without the straps for harder to wear necklines and styles so your wardrobe is never limited!

So embrace your natural boobs and wear pretty bra’s (because they don’t make you sag!) because what you wear underneath makes you feel good! We are also here with Perky Pear tape for those tricky necklines and feel your best in anything you wear!