Customers LOVE Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape!

Customers LOVE Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape!


We’ve been LOVING your feedback of our breast lift tape! Perky Pear boob tape is the first skin mimicking breast lift tape on the market which offers a natural solution for extreme lift and shape of the breasts.

With stockists world wide we are fast becoming the best boob tape on the market and a breast lift tape that finally works!

We set out with one goal and that was to make women everywhere feel fabulous and allow them to wear the styles they previously would have loved to wear but couldn’t due to not being able to go braless. Well ladies, we found a solution and it seems you are LOVING IT!

We get messages daily from our customers saying that our boob tape is a . “game changer” a “life saver” and has completely opened them up to new styles!

Just a few comments from our Perky customers…

And some lovely messages of thanks that we have received on our social channels:

Please keep sending in your reviews and messages. We are always working hard to provide the best customer service and products and listen to all feedback!

We are launching a new shade of breast tape in August because you said you wanted a better nude colour and we listened! We will also be selling black which will be perfect under lace styles for the darker skin beauties! We are always working hard to expand the Perky range to keep you feeling fabulous!

Stay Perky!