CoppaFeel #TrustYourTouch

CoppaFeel #TrustYourTouch

Hey Perky Babes!

This blog post focuses on a very important subject, one that is quite close to our hearts and one that we feel passionately about. You know we LOVE to make you feel and look good using our breast lift products, but we also want to make sure that they are fabulous and healthy too.

In July we partnered with the gorgeous Olivia Buckland and CoppaFeel donating a percentage of our perky sales to the charity and we are doing the same this month of October in aid of Breast Cancer awareness month.

CoppaFeel works to bring awareness to breast cancer and we would like to help shout about the symptoms and make our girls out there aware of any warning signs and how to check your boobies for any signs!

You can find even more information here – https://coppafeel.org/

This month Perky Pear will be donating a percentage of our sales again to the CoppaFeel charity so if you purchase a pack of our Perky Pear Breast Lift & Shape Tape you will have also contributed towards a fantastic cause!

CoppaFeel has recently released their new advert onto our television screens to raise awareness, Their #TrustYourTouch campaign features well known celebs like our gorgeous Olivia Buckland and showcases the importance of trusting in the power of touch. The message is simple – Touching your boobs could save your life. watch the ad here: https://coppafeel.org/our-work/in-the-media/annual…

Remember ladies (and gents! Check those pecs!) Get to know your boobs, check them regularly using the above guide and all information on the CoppaFeel website and make sure you look after your boobies!

Stay healthy! Here at Perky Pear HQ, We LOVE your boobs.