We know what you’re thinking and no we’re not talking about taking a visit to a low budget plastic surgery clinic in Cuba or anything like that! We’re talking about fast fixes using killer shape wear that will take of the lbs and give you and instant breast lift and tummy tuck for less than £50! Sound good?

There’s lots of tricks to get a flatter tummy instantly and who doesn’t love instant results? There aren’t that many ways however to gain an instant lift to breasts after weight loss, child birth and good old gravitational pull other than seeking surgical procedures. Well that was up until 2017 when Perky Pear launched the first ever cotton stretchy skin mimicking adhesive breast lift & shape tape!

Our breast lift & shape tape is a great way to lift your breasts and instantly elongate your waist making you appear slimmer in seconds!

slimmer in seconds

When your breasts are lifted your tummy is pulled in and waist is elongated. Our model wears our Perky Pear original breast lift and shape tape in size DD-E. You can shop our tape range here . Catering for sizes A-G our tape comes in Nude or Black.

So now your breasts are lifted and waist elongated with the help of our lift & shape tape, you can also tackle and tone your abdomen in seconds with the help of SPANX power panties!

spanx and perky pear

Shape wear is no longer a taboo subject. With nearly all fashion websites stocking shape wear instead of just lingerie stores it’s really nothing to be ashamed about plus you can fill up on dessert on date night because your food baby is seriously under control!

So get an instant lift and slimmer waist with the help of Perky Pear and SPANX and slay any low cut body hugging dress this spring!

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