Breast Lift Tape by Perky Pear: Why It's The Best On The Market

Breast Lift Tape by Perky Pear: Why It's The Best On The Market

Perky Pear’s adhesive breast lift tape is proving to be one of the best breast life tapes available on the market. In comparison to a number of other brands that have shown to face common problems (short-lasting stickiness leading to the breast lift tape falling off seems to be a recurring problem), feedback from Perky Pear’s customers has proven to be extremely positive.

What makes Perky Pear’s breast lift tape the best?

So what is it that makes Perky Pear’s adhesive breast lift tape stand out from the rest? Well for starters, it was developed by women. Any good product should be developed and designed by people who fully understand the requirements of both the product and the customer. As women, we know what we need from an adhesive breast lift tape. Which brings us to our next point…

Endurance, subtlety and ease of use. When developing the product, we thought about everything important, including when & where it would be used, what outfits would be worn with it and the simplicity of applying & removing the product. Many adhesive breast life tape brands fail in at least one of these areas. The most common complaint seems to be how soon the adhesive on the tape wears off, which, when you think about, is going to prove to be quite a big issue when you’re on a night out or at a formal event.

This is an issue which we took seriously when developing the product, so you can rest assured that Perky Pear’s adhesive breast life tape isn’t going to let you down half way through your night out.

Before & After Photos

Take a look at some of the before and after photos we’ve collected, displaying the difference our adhesive breast lift tape can make…


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Perky Pear’s breast lift tape is ideal for women looking to add more shape and lift to their breasts naturally and works perfectly in plunge necklines and backless clothing. Take a look in our store to find out what products we currently have available.