Boob tape finally created by women!

Boob tape finally created by women!

When creating Perky Pear, I (Perky Pear’s founder) knew that there needed to be a boob tape on the market that didn’t let people down (or their boobs)

Breast lift tape and silicone strapless bras on the market just did not work as holding heavy breast weights, staying stuck and giving a natural rounded shape! I was also shocked that the majority if not all breast lift tape on the market was created and designed by men!

Now I’m not saying that men don’t know how a G cup works with gravity but lets just say the plastic, paper based tape that didn’t stretchy or have any give just didn’t work and I thought I could do a better job!

I concentrated on the key points as to why current breast lift tape didn’t work and these were the key factors:

  • Plastic/paper based tape didn’t stretch and pinged off with a heavy weight
  • The plastic tape wasn’t breathable so sweat couldn’t evaporate and gathered under the tape causing the tape to come loose.
  • The designs were all wrong! One size does not fit all and other tapes do not cup and support the breast to provide lift or shape. They also could be seen in plunge styles which sort of defeated the purpose! We wanted a tape that did the job right and didn’t show in plunge style dresses and tops!

Perky Pear breast lift & shape tape is the first cotton based breathable tape meaning that sweat can evaporate through and not gather underneath. It also means that the cotton fibres allow air to circulate so you wont be sweaty under our tape anyway!

The adhesive is applied like a wave and the material is extra stretchy. This means it has a great recoil effect so doesn’t ping off at the first sign of a heavy weighted breast!

The adhesive is also heat activated so the hotter you are the stickier the tape gets! This means that you can dance all night with confidence that your tape will stay put!

I made sure that our tape was vigorously tested not only by myself but by a number of testers who wore their tape in real situations such as gigs, nights out and even dancing events! I wanted to make sure I knew our tapes limits and it turned out that there wasn’t many!

We only show you our customers real results from customers who send in their messages and results images. See our customer results here.

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We also make sure we show you how to apply the tape using a real time unedited video showing our DD and FF cup models. Watch our video on how to apply breast lift tape.

and check out more video on our Perky Youtube page

You can shop our full lift & shape tape range here and I hope you love your results as much as I love mine!

Samantha x

Perky Pear Founder