2018 Golden Globes & one Golden moment

2018 Golden Globes & one Golden moment

The Golden Globes is a night many stars dream of being at and celebrating their hard work and talent but it’s also a night filled with glamour, fashion and fabulousness!

This years Golden Globes though was about so much more and if it’s anything to go by then 2018 is going to be a year of BIG change for Women’s rights and change amongst gender inequality (yah, it’s cray we’re still fighting for this right?)

Black dresses ruled the red carpet in a show of solidarity for the mission of anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up. Female stars showed up wearing beautiful black gowns and the Men wore swarve black suits to support the “Time is up” campaign where the mantre was don’t stand out, stand up.

The organization, which was made itself known officially this week, formed after allegations against former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein came to light in a story by The New York Times in October.

One golden moment of the night which we think will make history was Oprah’s speech in which she got a standing ovation and the nation in favour of her running for president!

Winfrey said: “In 1982, Sidney received the Cecil B DeMille award right here at the Golden Globes and it is not lost on me that at this moment, there are some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given this same award.

“It is an honor – it is an honor and it is a privilege to share the evening with all of them and also with the incredible men and women who have inspired me, who challenged me, who sustained me and made my journey to this stage possible.”

Watch Oprah’s full speech here:

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