Mini Lifts By Perky Pear® BEIGE


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One Size Fits A-C Cups Minimum Coverage MAXIMUM Lift!


Perky Pear Mini Lifts offer maximum lift with minimum coverage. Our Patented adhesive is super strong to hold heavy breasts and last for hours! This is due to our Skin Bonding technology where the adhesive bonds to the skin and within 30 minutes it has fully bonded, after that you can sweat and even swim in your tape! Our tape is a one time use as once removed the bond will also remove

◦ One Size fits A-C / Small D cups

◦ 4 pcs/Two pairs of Beige Mini Lifts per pack

◦ Sweat proof,Waterproof & Hypoallergenic

◦ Stays perfectly hidden under most clothing styles!

◦ Stretchy soft & seamless adhesive cotton tape

*Not reusable

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Please read all safety information before use. Do not wear in hot sun, over sunburn, irritated skin and do not use before reading enclosed safety instructions which are included with your tape.

Please note: Due to hygiene reasons this product is non-returnable
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